Prayer Challenge

Hello friends and partners,                                                                                                   

As the New Year of 2019 dawns on us, many of us will pray prayers of Thanksgiving and prayers asking God to do one thing or another in our lives or the life of a loved one.

We have always prayed about the work of Mission Indy, of course, but as 2018 comes to a close and 2019 begins, we are convicted, perhaps more than ever, to be in the presence of God and find out what pleases Him – what He wants for Mission Indy as an organization and for each of us who participate in that work.

Matt, Marsha & Ron have just completed Draw the Circle: The 40 Day Prayer Challengeby Pastor Mark Batterson.  As he says in the introduction, there is nothing “magical” about forty days, but there is something Biblical about it.  We have been encouraged and challenged and we are compelled to share this with you and ask you to join with us in the continued journey of seeking God.

We want to be clear that this letter and request is not written out of any sense of desperation nor does it have some deeper meaning.  Many of these thoughts and urges began a few years ago as we read Greg Pruett’s (from Pioneer Bible Translators) book called Extreme Prayer.  Early in the book, Greg asks “What do I mean by extreme prayer? I mean intentionally praying the kinds of prayers that tap into all of Jesus’ open-ended promises about prayer in a way that achieves maximum Kingdom impact.”

Mission Indy resonates so much with that idea.  We want to have the maximum Kingdom impact.  That will not be possible with human power, but will be completely within God’s power, as we seek Him!  We have learned, and been challenged, that God does not want us to pray about our strategy – He wants prayer to BE the Strategy!

Many of you know that we have begun a phase of strategic planning, and that on March 2nd we will have a session where many will come together to share ideas and dream about how to take Mission Indy to the next level.  We are convinced that prayer absolutely needs to be the strategy, and that's where you come in.

We are proposing three corporate events (so to speak) where we hope many of you will covenant with us to pray and seek God’s leading for Mission Indy.

  • 1.    On January 16th(Wednesday) from 7-8 PM, we will gather at Chapel Rock CC to pray as a group.  We will provide some guidance, but essentially we believe God honors a people who come together in agreement to pray.  This can be for anyone, but is geared more to people living closer to the west side.
  • 2.    On February 20th(Wednesday) from 7-8 PM we will gather at Englewood CC to pray as a group.  The format will be the same as January, but the location may be more convenient for those living nearer the east side.
  • 3.    Then on Thursday February 28th(just two days before the Strategic Planning session) we propose a 24 Hour Prayer Vigil, where you can sign up to cover our efforts in prayer for one hour, wherever you may be.

PLEASE join with us to seek and hear from our God. Remember, as Mark Batterson tells us, “Prayer isn’t about outlining our agenda to God; it’s about getting into God’s presence and getting God’s agenda for us.”


  • Summer host sites have been secured (2 of them are new partners)
  • Spring Break host site along with band is in place and we have one group coming

24 Hour Prayer

Our link to our 24 hour prayer vigil is here.  7 am. Feb. 28th through 7 am. March 1st.  You can sign up in 30 minute slots.  Your times can overlap with others and can be at the same time as others.  Click on this link and it will take you to sign up: