2022 Interns

  • Brayden Denney

    I am a Junior at Johnson University, working towards a degree in Intercultural Studies. I grew up in Franklin Township, Indiana, just outside of Indianapolis. I love competition and will play just about anything. The outdoors calls my name, specifically hiking or rock hopping. Movies, specifically going to the theatre, and movie theatre popcorn is my weakness! I would be lying if I said I didn't waste way to much time playing video games. I am terrified of the little BIC lighters to the point that I cannot light one...I have never lit one.

  • Kate Langerak

    I am a Sophomore at Taylor University who is studying Biology Education. I grew up in the Lower Peninsula Michigan. I have hobbies that are gardening, art, music, astronomy, and running. I like Art museums, wildflowers, autumn, puppies, grapefruit and the great Mackinac Island. When I was younger my mom wouldn't let me have a dog or any other pet so I caught tadpoles out of a creek and pretended that they were fish. Until they turned into toads.

  • Shanna Moffatt

    I am a Sophomore at Purdue University and I am dual majoring in elementary and special education. After college I plan to teach overseas as a missionary. I am from Cicero, Indiana. I love to play sports and be outside. I play soccer, basketball, and I like to run. I also enjoy fishing and doing anything that gets me in nature. I am also an avid fan of old country music. My best friend is a farmer and I used to be terrified of pigs until I played with my friends pig; now it's my dream to live on a farm someday.

  • Tony Skillington

    I am a Senior at Purdue University studying Human Services and Psychology. After I graduate, I plan on working in nonprofit administration while I pursue a Master's degree in Counseling Psychology. This is my second year as an intern with Mission Indy! I am thrilled to be back and am so excited for what God has in store for the summer!

  • Noah Sweetman

    I am a Sophomore at Johnson University. I am working towards a degree in Ministry Leadership, with a concentration in Student and Family Ministry. I am from Wilmington, OH. I enjoy watching college basketball and football, and MLB baseball. My teams are the Cincinnati Reds, Cincinnati Bearcats, and The Ohio State Buckeyes. Beyond that I also enjoy watching movies, playing video games, hammocking, camping, and spending time with family and friends. My friends and family think its funny that I don't like ice cream, and that I could eat pizza everyday of the week.