Our Staff

  • Ron Greiner - Executive Director

    Ron has had the privilege of being a part of Mission Indy since its beginning in 1997, and then went full time in 2001, leading this organization with his heart and vision. God has used all his past experiences in engineering and management and his willingness to serve to organize and lead all the ventures that Mission Indy is involved with. Ron seeks to constantly lean on God to keep the direction of Mission Indy in line with His will for the Church. Ron's wife, Marsha, is a key volunteer, and she uses her nursing skills and love for puppets to contribute.

  • Dr. Matt Cutler - Director of Operations

    After serving in congregational ministries as a Youth & Associate Minister for 12 years, Matt joined Mission Indy in February 2010. His experience in various leadership roles led him to be a part of the Mission Indy team. He is passionate about learning, Disney, and his family. Matt and his wife, Jana, have 4 children; two have moved on,  one is still at home attending Arizona State University, and another is heading to the University of Wisconsin to compete in gymnastics. Experiencing the journey of life together makes these two the happiest!