Do you want to do more than just land a job or climb the corporate ladder?  Do you want to change the world through the work you do and to be part of something bigger?  You're not alone.

At the intersection of passion, knowledge, vocation and faith, many young people hope to continue learning and to experience life in the context of Christian community with opportunities to serve and to share who they are. Mission Indy's Intentional Formation Initiative (IFI) is exactly this sort of experience! IFI is a fellowship program in Indianapolis that brings together communal living, paid work, Kingdom learning, and local church engagement.

Fellows  Will...

  • Engage in the life of a local church. At Mission Indy, we think the local church is kind of a big deal. We’re firm believers that it’s the best way for people to live out the ways of Jesus and live into the Kingdom of God. That’s why one of our favorite parts will be diving into the life (not just Sunday mornings) of a local church.
  • Study and talk about the Kingdom one day a week. We’ll be talking with one another about what we see, hear, and experience from books, Kingdom practitioners, and some of Indy’s movers and shakers.
  • Live in a community house in the inner-city. This will truly be sharing life together with all its messiness and beauty. Fellows will eat meals together, pray together, do the dishes together, celebrate birthdays together, and (probably) even get the flu together.
  • Work in an area of interest four days a week. Mission Indy has many partners around the city who are interested in hiring our Fellows. We are committed to helping Fellows find paid work in areas they are interested in. This will help fellows gain work experience and learn more about their passions and gifts.

“When I participated in Mission Indy’s summer intern program I didn’t really know what I was getting into. I knew I’d be working and serving in the inner city, developing relationships with other interns, and learning more about God and how I fit into His plan. What I didn’t realize was how challenging and complex those things really are and how much of it would drastically change my thoughts, my actions, and my faith. The following summer I decided to come back to Mission Indy as an intern coordinator, not only because I was thirsty for more, but because I was desperate to help others find that thirst for Jesus in themselves. I can’t begin to express how excited I am about the IFI Program. So many interns have been transformed by the short time they spent with Mission Indy and I know that those who participate in this fellowship will leave thirsty for more." 

-Ashley Haack, Intern Coordinator '15