PUzzling Words of Jesus

Welcome to the Mission Indy Website. This is a continuation of thoughts and questions from your Devo Guide. Feel free to explore whenever convenient for you.  It is always easy to skip ahead, but much of the growth happens in the slow process. Hope this helps you in your journey.

Fitting in

As you look at the graphic, you may see the piece being removed or you may see the piece being placed in. The way we look at it can talk a lot about where we are at in life. Jesus says a lot of puzzling words, but how do we fit in with those words? How do those words fit in with us? Let's go even farther - how do you fit into your friend group and how does your friend group fit with you? Are you ready for this to go farther - How do the words of Jesus fit into those relationships with you? The questions can keep going deeper, but you are probably getting the point by now. It's time to examine yourself for real.


As you may have noticed, lots of Questions are asked when it comes to Mission Indy. Questions in your devo guide, questions here, questions at group time, questions from the MI staff - all to serve the purpose of helping you to grow as a human and to grow in your faith with Jesus. We hope that you take the serious time to listen, think, talk and do it all again.


When you look at these puzzle pieces, you see the one as falling away or being placed in? Do you see it as foundational to the overall puzzle or just another piece? How you look at things like this, with your gut reaction, can speak to how you look at yourself and different parts that you play in God's story or how God's story plays a part in your life? There are so many things to think through here. Take some time, sit back and relax and just let your mind wander in these thoughts. Something profound can come along with the prompting of God!

3rd Place

Maybe you have heard us use this phrase at some point this week. You may not quite understand so let's go over it again. God - 1st, Others - 2nd, and You - 3rd. We all know that God needs to be first in our lives. And we may say we know we are supposed to prefer others over ourselves, but do we really practice that? We use the word humble, but that does not mean that we need to think less of ourselves or higher of ourselves. It means that we need to know who is in charge (God), and to prefer others over ourselves. We are not perfect, but we must push ourselves in areas like this in order to grow. When I was a child I thought like a child and acted like a child, as I got older I put childish ways behind me. WE MUST GROW!


We are connected to to everyone around us. And many times in the Bible with the word "you" is used, it is referring to a collective whole group of people. But what if we speak specifically about you? What if we look at how you are the "apple of God's eye? What if every so often we think about you specifically and how God's story is playing out through you? Yes, this can seem very self oriented and not healthy to be self absorbed all the time. But, there are times that it is good to look at ourselves without the thought of others around us. To examine specifically how we act and what we believe, and what God wants of us in following Him.