2016 Interns

  • Kyle Thompson - Ministry Coordinator

    I am finishing my Junior year at Cedarville University with hopes to be a full time missionary to Japan. My passion for missions (specifically to unreached people groups) has grown rapidly over the last few years and I am incredibly excited as the Lord continues to train and equip me for cross-cultural missions. I am hopeful that through Mission Indy, I will be further prepared for the work of His Kingdom. l am also hopeful to build close relationships with fellow servants of Christ. In my spare time I love to hang out with friends and do pretty much anything active. I also love to fish, bowl, or just relax and watch a movie. My parents just moved from Illinois to Kentucky and since I go to school in Ohio I don't really know where to call home, but as the days draw closer I find myself growing more and more excited about spending my summer in Indiana with the Mission Indy team!

  • Noah Kneer - Intern

    I like long walks on the beach in the fresh air of Central America. Food is my favorite kind of food. I have a passion for all things people related. My philosophy is if you are not my friend i'm missing out. I enjoy playing sports recreationally. This summer i am hoping to better discern where God is calling me within the mission field. Super excited to meet and work with other people interested in similar things! Even more excited to see what God will do during this experience. 

  • Willis Overton - Intern

    I am a sophmore Secondary Education major at Marian University and plan on earning degrees in History and Spanish as well. I hope to become a high school history teacher and soccer coach after I graduate from Marian. I am a part of the men's soccer team at Marian, but am also an avid basketball fan. I enjoy bike riding, watching The Office, and spending time with my two sisters. I had the opportunity to go to the Dominican Republic through a mission trip last summer and hope to be fluent in Spanish someday. I have attended Chapel Rock Christian Church my entire life so I am very familiar with Mission Indy and have wanted to be an intern here for several years. I am looking forward to learning how to do Kingdom Work and meeting some of the awesome Kingdom Workers in our city.

  • Kate Holsapple - Intern

    I'm Kate Holsapple, 19, and a sophomore at IU. I love to longboard with friends, and soccer is my absolute favorite sport. I thoroughly enjoy getting to just hangout with friends and to put all the music the get together. I play drums, was center snare of my drumline, and I've sung in a professional choir from 4th grade until my senior year of high school. I'm working on photography now and love attending comedy skits on campus while supporting a friend who's in the organization! My favorite genre of food would be carbs. Just carbs. All of 'em. Mac 'n cheese is the best! This summer, I hope to get to know the people I work with well and to learn to gain experience working in different types of fields of work while doing it the best I can. I want to allow God to work through me in any type of work I go into in the future. 

  • Renee Hurley - Intern

     ¡Mucho gusto! Who am I? I come from gospel music and nature photography, from making things with my hands and living out “mi casa es su casa.” I am avocados, and almonds, Ultimate Frisbee and intentional conversation. I am for trying new things and meeting new people, for being present and seizing the day. My stays in Chile, Costa Rica and Nicaragua have put in me a passion to cultivate cross-cultural connections and to learn more languages. I am constantly learning to better love and serve my Lord and the people around me, and to take joy in the journey! Interning at Mission Indy excites me because I know they are shining the light of Jesus brightly in their community, and I know that wherever I end up in my career, that’s what I want to do! Just coming out of college, I want to think seriously about and be purposeful in how I live my life as a Christian servant in my job, neighborhood and family, and to continue to develop how I uniquely fit into the Kingdom of God and His work of restoring people back to himself. I truly believe Mission Indy will empower, encourage and teach me to do that this summer. I’m ready for the adventure!